Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gujarati Ladoo

After a long gap, here we go for a long process one! But I liked the flavor, so worth the efforts :-)

* 2 Cups Bhakri flour (but I ended up using powered cracked wheat + little atta for binding better)
* 1.25 cups Jaggery, little oil and ghee
* Add oil and water to the flour and make a tight dough
* Make shapes like top right picture and deep fry till golden brown
* Let it cold, then split into big chunks and then grind it in mixie
* Add ghee to a pan and add the jaggery and melt for few mins till ghee comes on top
* Then pour it to the powdered stuff and mix well.
* Make round shaped ladoos and they are ready to eat!!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paneer stick!

An interesting appetizer from a friend of mine, thx Shubha/Raji. I did with home paneer, but turned little hard.
* Make paneer or store bought paneer...cut into cubes
* Cut green bell peppers into cubes.
* For marinating, mix few spoons thick curd with turmeric, chilli powder, salt,
   some north indian masala powders plus ground ginger garlic paste.
* Mix the above well and marinate paneer and bell peppers overnight in fridge.
* Then saute them in a pan with few spoons oil till the raw smell goes off.
* After it cools down, in a tooth pick stack as per the picture with grapes. Yummy it was!!!!

Vada Pav

One of Raja's fav snacks from his Pune life!
Atlast got to try it last month and here you go for the recipe.
* Make the potato balls by using boiled potatoes and toppings of your choice.
* I sauted onions, added some g.chillies, salt and few powders like garam masala.
* Deep fry them using bajji batter
* Pav bajji breads from Indian store and 2 chutneys home made...same as bhel chutneys.
* Toast the breads with ghee and stack as in the picture and serve hot!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Quinoa Laddoo

Yet another Quinoa one...very quick and easy recipe...
* Dry grind one cup Quinoa to a coarse powder
* Add 3 spoons ghee to a non-stick tava and add the powder and roast well till golden brown
* Please roast in slow flame so the raw smell goes off
* Melt half cup jaggery with 2 spoons water and add it to the above.
* Boil quarter cup milk and add it to the dough. Mix well and make laddoos with little ghee!

Hara Bhara Kebab with Mango Chutney

Recently saw this recipe in a TV show and found it interesting....broccoli was my addition.
* For the chutney, raw, 2g.chillies, little garlic, ginger, jeera powder,
   salt, sugar, black salt.
* Blanch 2handful spinach and remove all excess water well.
* Steam broccoli and remove excess water.
* Blend spinach, broccoli, little ginger and 2 g.chillies.
* Mash 3 boiled potatoes with the blended greens, add cut cashews
* Make cutlets and roast well in tava with oil.
* Serve the cutlets with green chutney and raw onion rings!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ghee Murrukku (Chakli)

On request by my friends, wanted to post this snack recipe, the most hit snack item I have ever made!
* 4 cups rice flour, 1 cup roasted gram flour (make at home from roasted gram),
   4 spoons ghee, half cup cummin(jeera) and salt
* Mix all of the above and make a dough with water
* Use the presser and make irregular shapes in hot oil and deep fry.
* Cook well on both sides and take it out and leave it on a paper towel.
* After it cools down, store it in tight container.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Squash Quinoa

Fall season is approaching, so soup time!!! A friend of mine sent this recipe with some millet, I substituted with Quinoa...turned out very good...
* Add 2 spoons of ghee, 2 garlic pieces, fine chopped, saute few mins.
* Add big chunks of carrots, squash, tomatoes to the above with water and pressure cook.
* Pressure cook just one handful of quinoa
* Grind half of the cooked veggies, and boil all of the above together for few mins.
* Add pepper and salt...serve hot...yummy yum it was!!!